If you're looking for a buttercream that yields beautiful piping results AND tastes amazing, then join me for my Beautiful Buttercream class! One of the most important aspects of beautiful piping is the buttercream itself and this recipe is a GAME CHANGER. Come along with me as I invite you into my kitchen and we make this Swiss meringue buttercream together. Step-by-step videos, pictures and tips and tricks along the way will have you piping in no time!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Recipe Card

    1. List of Tools

    2. Tools

    1. List of Ingredients

    2. Ingredients

    3. Butter Temperature

    1. 1. Prep-work

    2. 2. Sugar & Egg White Mixture

    3. 3. Cooking Mixture

    4. 4. Mixing & Adding Salt/Butter/Vanilla

    5. 5. We did it!

    1. Air Bubbles

    2. Soupy Stage

    3. Cold Butter

    4. Storing Left-overs

    5. Storing Finished Cupcakes

    1. Wrap-up

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